1 in 4 EP

by Classics

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released July 1, 2008

All songs written and produced by Douglas Charles Showalter @ The General Public (ASCAP.)

Mixed and mastered by Paul Hollman @ Soulshine Music. Engineered by Carlos Mendez, Lucas Fackler, and Douglas Charles Showalter.

Logo and cover deign by Lani Lee @ www.lanilee.com



all rights reserved


Classics Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Your City
It's all irrelevant
In swaying, upwards to drop
An anvil of a name...
Here's to, your welcoming and
Smiles all around...
I'm ear to ear with my back facing the wind
Through air, the weight of awkward timing's
Spotlights keep blinding....me!

I'll wait, face down, and try to brighten out
Sideways and baffled I know...
All These Footprints stepped into
What Led Me Here...

While I, keep angels in reserve...
It's true, this story I'll tell out loud...
A gift to inhale, Just noticing indeed...

When all else fails, your city's the first to see
In reverse, it's assumed
That we're all struck into constellation
Starless at first glance, down below...

Who's hand do I shake?
Who's sleeve are we to know and wear about?
In what row do I conduct myself?

Fall, best effortlessly....
Crawl, atop an alley way ...
All, in pure-perfect-order...
(Miles) behind the road to fame...
Track Name: Out(word) of Mouth
It's the Light You Moved
That Brightens All Around You
You Could Settle a Stance
To Command a Chance Tonight

If A Somersault Cured All The Fixtures
To Build Up the Posture
Would Neccessity Swing, Hitch, and Latch
Onto the Biggest Belief?

Everything is Drifting, Spoken Broke as I'm....
Kneeling Down and Keeping this Caution Close By
Replace one, by one of, Your Own Kind, This Brighter Day
Collides Quietly For Me!

It's Already Enlightened to Cue Up the Sights and Sounds Of
Population Demand with a hand Dealt Quickly to Fold
All These Efforts Delicate Until the Pulse Converts the Maximum to Stationed
My Best Interest May Only Corrode the Conversation Underneath the Pavement

In Missionary Position, We're Dancing Outloud Over Swear Words
Conducting the Brief, Awe Struckin' Belief, I'm Along Those Lines of a Long Haul
Set That Watch to Speechless
You Can Best Those Words, Hands Reversed Unfold,
Just Take Back All I Say to You.....When I!

I'm Thinking Outword, Of Mouth to Breathe
This Brighter Day Collides Quietly For Me
I'm Thinking Outword of Mouth to Breathe
Track Name: Ocean's Go!
I'll dive into this, drastically...
Slowly up to surface; we meet

Grasp a hold of what this comfort
Drowned me into...

You (my) ocean, deeply
Rest assured I'm sinking quietly

Collect your thoughts
Straight faced in barefoot form
I'm like a move
Meant to be bent in two

After all this evidence
It's weightless, hardly loud enough
So Cowardly I wait

Gasping slowly I'm not going
Up for air, eyes wide, straight stare down