3 in 4 EP

by Classics

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released October 7, 2010

All songs written and produced by Douglas Charles Showalter @ The General Public. "I Think I Tried" co-written by Elsa Gernandt. "Part 2" co-written by Elsa Gernandt and Lisa Ahlstrom @ Blue Living Room Entertainment (ASCAP.)

Mixed and Mastered by Paul Hollman @ Soulshine Music. Engineered by Douglas Charles Showalter and Tyler Johnson.

Logo and photo by Lani Lee @ www.lanilee.com. Design by Douglas Charles Showalter.



all rights reserved


Classics Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Part 2
The traffic of the heart is, ever moving me
As I dance in all directions
But we've been here before, alongside every room
Underneath the floors, waiting patiently for you

After all your slavery wore me out, along the way
Just take whatever you want to
Cause I won't break your stride my dear
Afterwards, just take whatever you want to

What could we, speak about, when we're always sleeping?
My arms around what comes next
While I make believe, every ending's real
I'm dreaming ways of waking up alone

But I can't explain, what I haven't yet come to say
How my way with words fall from me
No need to turn another page
We change in every part
I'll walk beside another you, whoever you are

Whatever you want to, whatever you want to, whatever you want to
Track Name: Better Off Slowly
Through all of my time
I have tasted and written out why
With worst intention for all you know, I loved not once

Have I gone grey, have I steered wrong
With what have I, stumbled upon
Through all she's done, I've called to arms
And placed my fist upon her

Fall down and see what happens when you stare too long
I'm not bound to slow down quite yet

Given the right way around this table
Laid out for you, exhausting
How many reason, one couldn't help
Shed those clothes of yours

Now is the time when
I know your much better off in dreams
Where fiction plays the strings of you
And truth provokes your wounds
I haven't the heart to wake you up
So sleep, sleep, sleep
Track Name: I Think I Tried
So, all that I've learned
Has yet to be written in stone
So hard to convince, when we both know all the secrets

They say good things come to those with patience
But we both know, that's a lie
The type of love found in books, overlooked
But I tried, I think I tried

I'm, far to obvious to place my heart under your guard
In line I've stood still amongst your ash and debris
To quench my sense. of the best of you

They say there's not enough repair to fix her
But we both know that's a lie
As days depart us through your deepest journey
Out of my view, I think I tried, I know I tried

Wait your turn out loud your speaking
The only way we ever knew
How to shed these wars and cages, I'm
Terrified for you, but for now I'll help you down, down, down